Game Under Podcast 47

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0:00:20 Welcome Lucrative Fun

Trademark Banter
0:02:04 Phil Fogg Livin' the Vita Loca (Again)
0:06:01 Taqitos
0:06:11 Credit Roll Discussion Ensues
0:08:45 Sakura Wang
0:09:52 Bum Suk Cho

Final Impressions
0:11:25 Phil Fogg on Tearaway
0:12:47 Harper Lee Deciduously Avoiding Sophomore Slumps
0:16:02 A New Narrator Appears!
0:29:35 Level Design
0:32:40 Handheld Racism

0:33:45 FAQS

Featurette 2
0:39:50 Phil Fogg's Beaten Games of 2014

Back to Final Impressions
0:43:05 Tearaway Score

First Impressions
0:46:20 Tom Towers on Warlock II
0:56:45 What is the Business Model? asks Phil Fogg

Featurette 3
1:01:50 Phil's PS4 Aversion

The Feature
1:03:40 Is 2013/14 the 1968 of Gaming? (Grab a drink)
1:28:45 Creativity and Discoverability

Tom Towers' Aural Reivew
1:31:00 50 Cent Blood on the Sand