Game Under Episode 22

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0:00:21 Tom Towers "Valve of the Gaming Press"

(Not) Trademark Banter
0:02:47 Phil Reads Some Game Books (one good, one bad)
0:07:02 Phil Goes To The Video Game Store

Final Impressions
0:09:30 Flower
0:17:01 Journey

0:35:28 Killzone 2 Redux
0:39:40 Cover Based Shooting (TM)
0:40:45 The Select Button
0:42:00 Still a Looker
0:42:25 The Last Level
0:44:05 Friendly AI
0:46:10 Finish KZ2 Without Killing Anyone?
0:46:45 Multiplayer

That's All Folks
0:49:00 Listen to Episode 21, especially the Max Payne 3 part!