Game Under Podcast 43

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0:00:22 Welcome

Trademark Banter
0:00:40 Trippin' Balls
0:02:37 Australian Podcast? The Thong Song (Jandle Jingle?)
0:07:23 Feetatarian
0:08:00 Titanfall Lack of Scores + Future of Online Only
0:11:35 Tom's Review of EDF 2025 at

First Impressions
0:16:52 Tom Yabbers on about Dark Souls II
0:21:48 Found in Translation?
0:29:40 Is Difficulty a Gimmick?

Final Thoughts
0:44:40 Phil on Modern Warfare 3
0:47:45 Tower Records and Guy Pearce

First Impressions
0:51:00 Phil on Resident Evil 6

1:01:20 Amy Hennig and Naughty Dog Go into Uncharted Territory
1:10:15 Mafia III Exists
1:12:20 Are you Duke Nukem (a tangent)
1:16:25 Canadians Screwed By Sony
1:19:05 NPD and the Ever-Shrinking Gamer
1:30:25 Aging Gamer - Good or Bad?