Kevin Cloud, Staredown Champion

In this footage Kevin Cloud, one of id's original creative team, proves he is the master of the no-blinking competition for not blinking for 121 seconds (first blink at 10 seconds, second blink at two minutes and eleven seconds). That's over two minutes without blinking. The average adult human blinks ten times per second, which means that Kevin Cloud saved over 20 blinks in the first 2 minutes of this video.  Outstanding.

This is the kind of video game Journalism that keeps you listening to the Game Under Podcast.

- Phil Fogg.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

I'm about a third of the way through Sukeban's Game VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, which many have compared to Papers Please, my GOTY of 2014. I'll cut to the chase, this "ain't no" Papers Please.

Which isn't to say there is not something noteworthy of the game. So not to spoil future impressions, I'll say that if you like the Trauma Center franchise, this game is right up your alley.

 Umm... I think this is taken out of context.

Umm... I think this is taken out of context.

As with that series, beware that there is more text than gameplay, and at times you will feel like you are playing a clicker if you are prepared to skip the copious amount of text.

More impressions in a future episode of The Game Under Podcast.

- Phil Fogg

Valve Fined $3 Million For Breaching Australian Consumer Laws

3 January 2017
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today fined Valve $3 million for breaching Australian Consumer Laws relating to false and misleading statements to consumers relating to their return policy.

Valve, which had a reported revenue of $3 billion USD in 2015 and has over 2.2 million Australian customers,  "...formed a view …that it was not subject to Australian law…and with the view that even if advice had been obtained that Valve was required to comply with the Australian law the advice might have been ignored” according to Justice Edelman, who determined the penalty. He also noted that Valve had ‘contested liability on almost every imaginable point’

In addition to the fine, Valve must also publish information about Australian consumer rights on their website, implement a compliance program for their staff and system and cease making their representations to Australian consumers immediately.

For more information: ACCC Website

 Rod Sims, Chairman of the ACCC (Not the creator of The Sims).

Rod Sims, Chairman of the ACCC (Not the creator of The Sims).

Douglas Adams Video Game History

Game Informer's podcast typically publishes a weekly panel of their review staff talking in the usual prescribed format. Ocasionally they go above and beyond, as they did this week when, "Ben Hanson interviews Gary Whitta, Double Fine's Tim Schafer, Emma Westecott, Robbie Stamp, and Infocom's Steve Meretzky about sci-fi comedy writer Douglas Adams and his work in the game industry."

Even if you have no interest in Douglas Adams it is both informative, touching and entertaining to listen to (I have not watched the above video format). I hope you get something out of it as well.

- Phil Fogg

Doom 2016 Documentary

Danny O'Dwyer's, Patreon-funded, documentary series, NoClip, covers the development of single games with extensive interviews with the creators. His best work so far covered Rocket League, his most recent interview series covers the development the 2016 re-boot of Doom.

It is a game that surprised both myself and co-host Tom Towers, and one we will likely discuss in an upcoming show.

- Phil Fogg

AOL Keyword: GUP

We're back to discuss the current state of the indie game development scene, with final impressions of Virginia and That Dragon Cancer. Click Here.

Trigger alert to humans.



Collecting Bratz and Catz

For the first time in a long time I find myself justifying a purchase.

 Rational thoughts, rational thoughts.

Rational thoughts, rational thoughts.

Last week I bought a Game Boy Advance SP, as seen above. I already have one of course, and it is certainly the dopest form factors for the GBA (though the micro has a better screen). This one came with 15 games that I do not already own, which was the main selling point.  Forget the fact that those 15 consist of two Catz games, two Bratz games and two SpongeBob games. It was a chance to get another GBA SP and 15 games I don't own, so my choice was rational (right?)

When President of the Candid Collectors' Union this purchase would not have been anything even worth commenting on, because back then one would buy a game if it was a game that had not yet been added to the collection, without question or judgement.  This is the first such purchase in years that has drawn me back to those times, and I am experiencing a blend of exultation and mild regret. Yes I have the games, but toward what end?

Many reviews for the Game Under Podcast audience I am assuming.

- Phil Fogg